Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raya!! A Week Summary!

First of all, I would like to say sorry for my readers! It has been a busy week since I arrived Kuching. Thanks for visiting and spending time in Random Apples and to my friends who visited me during Raya! (God Bless). To make it up for you readers, here's a post, a summary of a week of my Raya!


I had fun during this raya festival. Did a lot of stuff such as visiting my friends, families, and cousins, indulging  those delicious rendangs, lemangs, ketupats and ayam kurma, and play firecrackers during the night- airbomb, as we Sarawakians call it.

Every year I look forward to Raya. Only during this time of the year you could obtain "packets" containing a generous amount of money from our close relatives. Everytime you see your auntie or uncle calls you, you'll have this eager feeling that you'd be receiving "angpau's", don't you think? 

On the first day of Raya, me and my family had an open house session. For those of you who don't know what's an open house is, its a day when a particular "tuan rumah" invites his/her guests to his/her house for a feast- something like that. There's a lot of people coming, mostly the malays and chinese. It was a tiring on that day though, since there were a lot of people to serve.

I also went to some of my relatives houses that day, had a generous amount of angpau's too, hehe. In the night it was Fariz's house with Aizat and my cousin where we ended in McDonalds short after. The first day really blew me off. It felt a bit weird after a month of fasting when in the first morning of Syawal you get up from your bed and eat rendang.

The 2nd day was nothing short as hectic. Spending the whole lot with my friends, we went to some of our teachers house. It was nice to sit and talk with the teachers again. It felt warm. There were a lot of gossips to talk about, particularly school. Didn't knew that the toilet in my former school now has a CCTV. WTH!

The third day was quite similar to the first and 2nd day too. Visited a lot of my friends house but sadly didn't have the luxury to go to my other relatives, since my dad was busy with his work for the Malaysia Day event. The first 3 days I stuffed my belly with all kinds of food, especially satay for instance. I do think that I eat satay only during raya. The last time I remembered eating satay was last year, in RAYA! The third day was also the date where Liverpool played Birmingham at St. Andrews. It was frustrating yet again to see Liverpool drew 0-0 with Birmingham. It feels agonizingly painful to watch your team doesn't live up with expectations. Oh well.

The fourth Raya was fun. I spent the day watching movies with Farisha and her family- watching Resident Evil Afterlife which in my humble opinion, SUCKS. I don't quite get the idea of the final Resident Evil movie. It's pretty lame. I wouldn't recommend to watch that movie. Wished that I'd watched Step Up 2 instead. Besides, I also bought myself a new t-shirt! It spells Photograph? infront of the shirt, which looks absolutely cool. (Me thinks.)

I look gay. Don't bother. Anyways, the fifth raya was a bit weird and all, since I went to Hopoh to buy myself a fake psp memory and battery. I tried to create a pandora battery using the battery that I bought but sadly the chip wasn't the same as the original. Screw that battery! Wasted RM50 for nothing! Now the battery is useless since I peeled off some kinda chip thingy which I don't dare to risk putting it in my psp. Besides, now I've learnt how to hack a PSP! Its not that hard though and is fun! Go google how to hack a PSP- its nice when you could hack a device and customize it. Now I know how great it is to be a hacker!

The sixth day of Raya, Malaysia day was ordinary. Again, visited relatives and friends houses, ate a lot and made my wallet fat. Met Cikgu Bidari at the Spring today. He's inspirational. He's going to Sarjana soon though. So my friends, you guys can meet him there next year! =P. Was also shocked by the fact that during my journey to the Spring, there were loads of people who were going there too! Imagine 3 car lines are trying to get into the one lane basement parking! And one thing that I hate about Malaysians is that they do steal our parkings and are not considerate during driving!

Plus, I also went to the Malaysia Day celebration held at Stadium Perpaduan. It's Faizal Tahir and its live, baby! It was a dream come true for me because I always wanted to see him sing live and he didn't disappoint. Love his voice. (Repeat, I'm not gay for saying that).

To top things off, the seventh day of Raya was the day that I'm writing this long lengthy post. I hope that you readers enjoyed it. Oh, I've got a little surprise for you guys.

Just incase you didn't know, traditional Sarawakian hats are like these;

Cute hoh? Got feathers some more! :D

P:S//Going back to University this Sunday..T__T


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