Saturday, September 4, 2010

Low Mentality People

Every Malaysians know that this year we're celebrating our 53rd year of independence. Alhamdullillah, our nation is still strong and competitive. I love Malaysia, although Malaysia ain't that "maju" compared to other countries such as Japan, Singapore or the US; Malaysia seems to be the only place that I could think of as home.

Its peaceful, quiet and relaxing. Sometimes I'm disappointed with Sarawak over the development of the other counties in Malaysia but the truth is, Sarawak, being underdeveloped as other countries in Malaysia does give me an positive impression to my own country, like how to appreciate peace and quiet. Being in big cities like Kuala Lumpur never really fascinates me since the cost of living is way to high. Living in Sarawak is cheap, though! :D.

Unfortunately, this is not the case here. What i'm going to tell you guys is how disappointed I am by a nation, which is our "neighbor". I can't really elaborate that much but I'm hoping you guys get what I mean by looking at these pictures.

Disgusted? Angry? Do you feel like punching those scumbags who posted and created those stuff? It doesn't really make sense. Why do these people hate us? The relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia worsens since we were accused as "stealing" their songs, their cultures and recently, captured their fishermen at our Malaysian sea.

I don't really get it, because most of these people in Indonesia wants to have a war with Malaysia over these issues. These issues however could be solved diplomatically rather than putting a gun on someone head. Would we want a war just like the South and North Koreans? Or worse? These proves how low mentality these people are- or should I say, STUPID. Why are these Indonesians declaring war against the Malaysians?!

These Indonesians are really pushing the boundaries here. They tossed our Malaysian embassy with shit. They forced Malaysians to leave their country. They even burned our Jalur Gemilang.

This is reality. Indonesia really disappoints me as a fully grown and independent country but I guess their mentality is still low. I'm not trying to express any hatred or whatsoever but what I'm trying to tell is that as a Malaysian, I feel worried and hated when I read all these comments about Malaysia.

They even make websites to express their hatred against us!

I hope you guys read some these websites and see for yourselves what is going on. Please Malaysians, don't do any stupid stuffs like these people do. Be a cool head and don't get any hatred get into you! =).


ken said...

how can malaysia move forward with people like this? =/

IamSilla said...

weird! but i think they r jealous bcoz malaysia is better than them n they should cut the crap n fix their country n also ind their own business haha

Anonymous said...

they said malaysia are idiot,,so why the keep coming to malaysia?.the reason is..they are moron

Buzz said...

I don't know why Malaysia first to send help in Indonesia whenever something bad happen to their country. I mean if they kept being ungrateful and rude just because of this misunderstanding over a dance. Malaysia people are just too soft hearted..

Indonesian kept saying we stole their pandet dance when it was Discovery Channel that made the mistake. Before this, I have never heard about Tarian Pandet until there are suddenly huuha about it. I know Indonesian has beautiful culture.. I wish they have common sense as well..

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