Friday, October 15, 2010

Back To Blogging!!!!

It's good to be back blogging. Seriously.

I miss blogging a lot. Imagine all the tons of stuff that I wanted to write. It has been almost a month now without blogging about anything or entirely I should say- nothing.

There were still some readers reading Random Apples when I was in hiatus and I thought about my readers who occasionally came and read on my blog- sometimes I feel like I miss some kind of connection to them.

There was tons of stuff for me to do during the time of my absence in blogging. Assignments, quizzes and tests were flowing through and through. I didn't have the time to blog and the internet connection that I'm using, Celcom- gives me trash all the time. I pay you guys $$$ every month and you give me crap every day.

Well, that's business. Anyways, Im here to say that I'll be back blogging normally in a few days time- but not as occasionally, though. Finals are just a month away. A lot of things to cover up.

So see you readers on the next blog post! (Hopefully). Oh. I've forgot to mention something. I've already got a twitter account! (I'll be updating twitter regularly). You guys can see it on the right top corner of Random Apples. =)

P:S// Sorry for the emo post for the past month. I was suffering PMS. Yeah.

Pre-Menstrual Shitness.



anis said...

welcome back zil..

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