Friday, October 22, 2010

Hadiah Daripada JOHO! Yippeee!

It was a typical boring Friday afternoon session for me with my friends here at Micet. Biochemistry lab was the last class that we had to attend today.  It was boring and we seriously look forward for the end of the class.

Its 4pm and it was time to go back to the boys dorm; not until a friend of mine, Naqie who went to the administration office and asked the clerk wether his "package" has arrived.

What package was it exactly?

From the first look, its just a boring old square package, with the number "3410" written on it. Curious, so I asked Naqie, who sent that package?

Its from JOHO!!! :DDD.

I was absolutely delighted when I knew that it was sent from "JOHO". Naqie told me that he bought some stuff from JOHO's website, two t-shirts and some add ons. JOHO's merchandises are simple yet stylish to wear. I remembered I bought a sweater from JOHO's store a couple of months ago at a event organized by them.

Me and my friends were eager to open the package and see the goodies ourselves. Once the package was opened, there was two JOHO t-shirts, a Special Edition red and black and a ringer tee. (Najhan was bragging about his package which hasn't arrived yet when Naqie abruptly opened the package with great intense pleasure- lol).

From my personal view, I like the red and black special edition tee. Naqie bought the size M for the ringer tee which I saw was quite fit when used while the red and black tee however, looks fine and dandy.

There were also some "JOHO" stickers included inside the package. I personally like the bubble speech sticker; could make some awesome and creative photos with it. Here's some that I took a few moments ago.

Stylish, right? =P. I like the apple picture a lot. I wished that I could have that sticker for my own though..=(. (Hoping that JOHO could give me one..hehe)

P:S// For more info about JOHO merchandises, you guys can visit JOHO.


ken said...

wow.. cool stuff.. like the way you play with the bubble speech thingy :)

Faris said...

Asal muadz gak yg kna pgg joho tue.. hha!!

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