Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Miss My Hometown

Somehow I miss Kuching.

The food, my family, the lonely streets- (yup, lonely streets) and of course my friends. Most of my friends would be back by November, while me myself going to endure a week of exams from the 8th of November and IELTS on the 27th.

While in Kuching, I usually drive around and take pictures of random people and landscapes. Not forgetting watching some movies at the Spring. (In Kuching, the "ONLY" best place to watch a movie would only be "THE SPRING"). I want more malls to be constructed here in Kuching, because for me I do think Kuching's population is increasing, so why not another big megamall with awesome cinemas, bowling alleys and arcades? Would be a great addition to whole lot of people in Kuching.

Sometimes I wonder why do tourists visit my hometown? Kids, for instance would die of boredom since they are no entertainment except for cinemas, bowling or karaoke. For those travelers with wits and brawn they would find Kuching a bit entertaining, with lots of greens and some "explorace theme parks" (like Permai) in which I find "nothing spectacular".

After staying more than a year in the Peninsular Malaysia, I could see there's a lot of vast differences between Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, JB..etc. You could buy a lot of cheap stuffs like handphones or laptops (In Sarawak you have to pay more than 20% than what you get here at the Peninsular) and even wet yourself at Sunway Lagoon, A Famosa Wet World, The Carnivall at Sungai Petani and even watching those tall skyscrapers like the Petronas Twin Tower, gave me a wet dream for weeks!

I still remembered how lucky I am, if my parents bring me to a holiday in the Peninsular, because essentially they have everything! I enjoyed my stay in Johor Bahru when I finished my SPM..and a few years back when my best friend, Aizat brought me to KL..and even the time when I won the National History Writing Essay which gave me an opportunity to literally enjoy the vibrant city life of KL.

Somehow though, I find myself truly, deeply and agonizingly miss Kuching, because I do really need a..



ken said...

always read about sarawak, but havent been there till today :)

RanDomApple$ said...

You should go there if you have a chance, its green! hehe

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