Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justin Bieber And A Cheque From Nuffnang!

So, im back at Sarawak.

The final paper, which was Bio was hard. I suffered insomnia and didn't sleep a day just because I wanted to revise all the shits- and it didn't came out! What a bummer! I had no idea or clue what the question wanted and I do think that I could barely pass- which if I could, I would be jumping around at Kuching topless. =P.

Anyways, being back here in Sarawak feels good. The air, the environment and especially the food. I miss all of them. When I arrived back home my mom even told me that my hair was like;


WTF, im not a BIEBER fan okay and my hair is so not like Justin-fag-Bieber! Okay somehow I hate him. I don't know why. Its like girls hating on Miley Cyrus for no reason and vice versa for boys.

Other than calling my hair was like Justin Bieber, my mom told me that there was a cheque that has my name written on it.

Cheque? What cheque?

As I ripped through the envelope and papers, it was from, Nuffnang!!!!

My mom told me that the cheque arrived home months ago..and that was when I've realised that I've cashed out my nuffnang earnings! Although its not a large sum of money, but hey, at least its enough for me to buy myself 10 pieces of KFC dinner plates! Thanks nuffnang! XD.


Okay, im gonna get some rest now. Adios people! =P.

P:S// Happy Hari Raya Haji To All My Muslim Friends And Random Apple Readers! Selamat menunaikan ibadah and jom beramai-ramai tengok lembu disembelih esok! Hehe.


theeggyolks said...

Hi! welcome back to kuching >_<

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