Friday, November 19, 2010

CPE 1004: Killer Subject

WTF is CPE 1004?

Well, in my course, theres this subject called CPE 1004.

CPE 1004, consists of 3 subjects, primarily Physical Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Physical chemistry is branched out to thermodynamics and some basic/advanced chemistry while Physics, is branched out to basic physics and thermodynamics as well. Biology, however is branched out into biochemistry and molecular biology. (Which is seriously tough)

WTF. Right?

MARA requires us to get at least 70% for CPE 1004. Lower than that then you would be axed out from your scholarship. (If im not mistaken).

More WTF.

Through some serious calculations of probability, I think I would get these marks for my recent final exams;

Physics: +-85
Physical Chemistry: +-72
Biology: +-45

Physical Chemistry accounts 50% of the total for CPE 1004, while 25% and another 25% for physics and biology.

So, overall,

CPE 1004: +-68.5 

In conclusion;

I've failed!!!!!

T.T!!!! What the hell am I going to do???!!!! I just can't get this over my head for some days now..I just couldn't bear the fact that a mere +-1.5% could pull me away from my scholarship.


Someone please enlighten me..


aisyaLALALA said...

don't worryyy. boleh repeat kan. hehehe ;)

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