Friday, June 17, 2011

Life- It's Like That.

I never knew that dream, could be a reality.

I was just a normal kampung boy, who once played with longkangs, played gudi, played seremban, followed the kampung's current trend- kreta dash, digimons, beyblades and crushgears. Swam the Sarawak river?

Occasionally, yes.

Come secondary school it turns out to be very exciting-

Hanging out with mat rempits, cikaro's and even mat pit was like any other normal day- they were funny, and no, i don't do those rempit, flirt and hisap dadah- its not my thang anyways. Cyber cafe's were like my 2nd home and I've spent a lot of my allowances given by my parents just to play games, especially Counter-Strike and Ragnarok.

I was willing to walk from my house, took a sampan ride to cross the Sarawak river and travel 40mins with my cousins to go to CC. Talk about commitment.

I was not smart in class I'll usually get number 20++ and I was only good in maths and science. I hate those geography and history classes- to me they were useless. I never get the idea of learning them as I had a very weak memory.

And there comes PMR, I only had 4A's..and 4B's..and compared with my mates..most of them got better results than me. I didn't complaint about my results and I thought I did okay. My parents gave me money, as a sign of motivation; RM400 if im not mistaken..and i used it to buy myself my first set of headphones..and a pair of football boots. (Very boros, huh?)

As form 4 started, life was gradually changing and that was when I've step into the world of teenagers.
Seeing my friends going to smart classes did made me a bit lonely as I didn't had those usual chats and laughters together. In form 4, too, i've started studying during evenings and weekends, at the state library.

Pustaka- tempat org blaja pake nge-up dirik..haha.

With hard work and preserverance- I've got 9A's in my SPM..a very big achievement from what I've got from PMR..everyone was shocked- including myself. I couldn't believe it. 9A's was like- WTF?!!

I've spent my SPM holidays in becoming an addmaths and maths teacher. The experience was totally unforgettable and it really taught me in how blessed I were to have a teacher in school.

I applied a lot of scholarships and sadly I've got none of it and I ended up studying at UiTM Shah Alam for my foundation course..and a month later, that was when I received a call, telling me that I've got the oppurnity to study overseas by MARA.

I met a lot of friends when I was at UiTM..I really miss them..especially my classmates and roommates..I cried when I leave was a place that I felt very comfortable with..tho there were only 2 Sarawakians for the whole foundation course.

Studying at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang was different from UiTM and I've met a lot of friends too- crazy, unsocial and talkative- everything. Not to mention I've got 4.00 for both semesters at Kuala Nerang and I was really proud of my achievements.  During my time at the peninsular I enjoyed travelling with my friends, where I could see how modern it is the peninsular were. (But nothing could be compared to home). At UniKL i've achieved an overall grade of A-, confirming my placement at University of Sheffield.

Something, I thought that couldn't happen. Something- that I've dreamed off where someday I'll study overseas really did became a reality, after all.

Watching my other kampung friends playing futsal and kites during the evening, merempit, swimming at the Sarawak River or whatever activity that they're doing kept me thinking-

I was once one of them too, and now I'm carrying a burden on my shoulder-

As a student, who's going to study at a place for the white-people and graduate, with a first-class degree and contribute, to my nation, and to them, too.

I consider myself very lucky indeed, and I thank everyone who has helped me for making who I am today.

And oh, why the hell am I writing this?

I'm not bragging, exaggerating or complaining; BUT


P:S// Take life as a challenge, improve yourself and get the most out of your opportunity. Don't take it for granted, and as always, God, knows best for us, and always will.

Like they say, life is always full of surprises.


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