Sunday, April 22, 2012

SlimKicker App- Get Motivated!

I don't consider myself as fat- but, as some people call it, just right; not too fat, or not too thin.

I did think of getting buff a few months ago but yeah, with no constant training and motivation, i've left that dream going off the trail and let it sail.

Motivation plays an important role in getting that perfect body or to put it simply, getting fit and staying in shape for good health. Recently, I've registered myself to SlimKicker, an app (which you could download to your Iphone/Ipod or just log online at their website) that turns your diet and weight loss goals into a winnable level-up game!

You guys can check out the tour if you find it interesting. I just love the interface of the dashboard- simple and clean. Check out the challenges page and challenge yourself to- (these are three challenges that i'm currently doing)

  • No Snacks After Dinner
  • Replace Soda Challenge
  • A Salad A Day..and etc

There's also the Rewards page where you could reward yourself if you level up. Howbout a cheat meal if I get level 2? KFC fried chicken sounds nice for a cheat meal, no? 

They are a lot of other things that you can explore at SlimKicker- you can join a group, meet new friends, check out your daily nutrition intake and exercise stats, blog about what you did or ate and read all the healthy recipes that other member's have put up at SlimKicker.

Or if you guys are just plain lazy to do that final 10 crunches, don't fret, read all the inspirational posts by other users and get on with your exercise!

Register at now to get motivated and inspired- 



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