Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Is Liverpool. This Is Anfield.

We're going to Wemmmmmmmmm-----be---rrr----(wait for ittt)----leyyyyyyy!!!

What a match it was last night. I still couldn't believe that i've watch the 2nd leg semi final carling cup match at Anfield and it was one of my best nights ever!! I'm still buzzing and feeling euphoric and could dance around in my room gleefully.

On the day me and my friends went to Liverpool, we arrived early in the afternoon, roughly around 12pm, so we had a lot of time to walk around and enjoy the city. Our first destination was Tesco (this is mainly because they still have the 1 pound for 5 snickers bar promo), the Albert Dock, and followed by the Liverpool eye (we paid 5.50 pounds- student price), The Beatles story museum and store, Liverpool one and the official Liverpool club shop and finally, Anfield, the holy ground for the mighty reds.

Here's some pictures of the day.

We came inside the stadium quite early, as it was dark outside and raining, so there was no point in lingering around. As soon as I've arrived and came inside, I can feel the smell of victory, the sound of the loud kopites singing and the electric vibes of the upcoming match. The seats at the stadium are very narrow so its quite hard for us to move and about but that didn't deter our spirits to enjoy the whole 90 minutes.

During the match, everyone was singing loudly, especially at the kop end and everytime the Man City fans sang or cheered, kopites will reply them back with a chant or our own song. I love the "We only hate Mancs, we only hate Mancs. We're not racists, we only hate Mancs" song. When City gave two goal frights against us in the first and second half of the match, kopites in the stadium sang their heart out, trying to lift the spirits of The Reds. I screamed my head off when Bellamy scored the 2nd goal and my word, it was a very good goal indeed. When the final whistle comes to a close, everyone in the stadium were singing You Never Walk Alone and holding out their scarfs and waving it around. It was such a spectacular atmosphere. Credits to all Redmen on the pitch tonight, they work their socks off- and not forgetting the fans too!!

And here's some pictures of the night! =P.

One of those many days that I wouldn't forget in my life. What a day, what a night!!!

Here we comeee!!!


kodok said...

arghhhhh...jeles gila babun!

Buzz said...

hehe..syok gile bro semalam..stadium bising nak mamposss!!

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