Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sheffield 2.0

What a week it has been.

First, exams are finally over and i highly doubt that i could get 1st class due to one of our subjects being technically hard when the lecturer doesn't include any of the formula's.

Second, enjoyed a fucking good time with my friends watching movie (Chronicle- i'd give it a 4/5) and ice skating at Ice Sheffield.

And finally, it's snowing!!

On Saturday morning, the 4th of February, it was as any other Saturday, with football and my usual routine of doing laundry afterwards. It came to my surprise that on the afternoon snow was finally pouring down in Sheffield!

Me and my friends were sooo excited and by the time it reached evening, snow was covering all around our apartment and the whole Endcliffe! Envious and pumped up I may be, I wore all my winter gears and played with snow!!

The first time when I step on snow I was like...

"Wtf is feels soooo squishy on my feet!"

And when I was walking down..I slipped. It was that slippery.

Almost everybody in Endcliffe went out from their apartment and played with the snow. There were sledges, snowboards and even catapults on that Saturday evening. Me and my friends built ourselves some snowmans and played snowball fights with our neighbours. It was good fun and everyone enjoyed it. Sadly today there were no snows though. Hopefully the roads are fine tomorrow because tomorrow would be the day when my semester 2 starts.

Here's some more pictures of the snow in Endcliffe-

Playing with snow is soooo much fun!! It feels like celebrating Hari Raya all over again..haha.

In all unrelated topic, I should really cut my's really getting on my nerves.

Enjoy your week everyone! Can't believe its semester 2 already.

Sigh, how time flies.


Gabrielle Jee said...

The pics are so nice especially the ones with the snowman! Lucky you :D it snows in UK, it doesnt snow here in Auckland so it's like replacing the snow in UK with rain instead D:

its always so gorgeous to snap photos when its snowing but I kinda hate snow =/ I hate how it squishes under my boots, how I have to walk carefully, how my boots leave trails of mud and water when I get back home, how when it starts hailing it gives me sore cheeks =_=

I like autumn better :D

Buzz said...

Thanks Gab!!

It took us quite a while to build that snowman..had to push and collect all the snows that we had. Hahah. It's not really easy to take pictures during the surface are frustratingly slippery and there's a tendency for ur camera to be "drained" with snow. I took a few snaps then brought my camera back inside my room- safety reasons. lol.

And I have the same frustrations as you do. I hate those squishes everytime i step on those snow!!

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