Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm a world record holder!!

Sounds hard to believe, but yeah, I am a world record holder!

For what, you ask? For being a dickhead for 72hours straight or staying up for the last 5 days?

Nah, it wasn't that hard to beat a world record. The only thing that I need was a frying pan, a pancake and lotssssss of people!

The Big Flip- the attempt for the most people flipping a pancake.

The event commences on the 15th of February, which was last Wednesday on 1.30pm and being as pumped up as we always be, me and my friends registered ourselves as early as 12pm in which the official registration starts at half an hour later. There were special guests as well during the event, the vice chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Professor Keith Burnett and Dan Walker, BBC Football Focus presenter.

After being officially registered for taking part of The Big Flip, we got ourselves free foods such as baked potatoes, pancakes, salads, soups and a cup of coffee. As the time approaches the official time for registration, people were gathering up at the edge and the press, reporters and photographers were busy taking photographs and interviewing people.

We got ourselves a free pan and pancake as well prior for taking part of the event and we tried flipping the pancake a few times-

"Susah la bro..asal asyik melekat je pancake kat pan ni..noob lahhh"

So that was when we took some flour and poured on our pancake and;

We flip the pancake LIKE A BOSS.

We were given some instructions by the officials for some rules and regulations and as time starts to tick at 1.30pm, we start flipping the pancake for 30s and wholla- we just beat the world record!!

890 people became new world holder that day, smashing the previous record by a double, which was 405. After flipping the pancakes and all, we walked back to the edge and got ourselves the certificate and some freebies. We took some pictures afterwards and there were some competitions such as pancake eating, how many flips in a minute, pancake masterchef and pancake quiz. Here's a few other pictures and a video of the event.

(LOL photobomber..hahah)

Finally, i've achieved one of my dreams in life, breaking a world record. =P.

Have you beat a world record before? I bet no. Trololololol.

This is pancake. This is world record.


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