Monday, February 13, 2012


There's no place like home.

How often do you hear your colleagues, friends or family say that to you? Before this, I anticipated my studies in Sheffield, but after a few months of sleeping, reading, eating in this 1st world country, I would say I pretty much miss home.

Home is the only place where one could enjoy food the most, talk and enjoy time with friends and spending time with your loved ones. There's no denying the fact that wether you like it or not, one will always think about home. I'm not really that sociable or a family kind of person, but deep down inside, I miss that warmth a family could give- and the sweetness of sleeping on your own bed.

Staying at Lawrencefield has opened my eyes on some of the different types of people- religion, ethnicity, emotion and language. Most of my friends here stay at their own houses which they rent and a few of us are staying at the university apartment- which is a hell lot expensive and though the experience wasn't the one that i've expected- nor anticipated, i feel that it was necessary for me to try mingle and improve myself with other people and blending in; without forgetting my purposes of studying here and being my own self.

People change when they come into a new environment, and most of them tend to do so- wether changing to good or bad. I change a lot of my lifestyle when I arrived in Sheffield and I try my best to be friendly, helpful and comforting and in university, one should always remember that you should know how to keep your ass intact- or simply, be independent.

"Lagi-lagilah kat overseas, parents sikda, so pande-pandelah jaga dirik pun, nak?"

There are so many things to explore, yet, there are so little time. I guess being away from home gradually affects someone's mood and emotion to a certain extent that it could severely affect their surroundings and relationships.

I guess this was one the effects of taking a shower in the middle of the night. Hmm.

I wish I can drink Milo Peng right now..='(


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