Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Im not really good in shopping.

Nor a fashionista of some sort.

But when it comes to sales, especially for electronic/technology goods and sports equipment, that is when my spider senses starts to tingle. (Or foods- like that half priced Haagen-Daz and celebration chocolates)

Recently i've bought a new pair of football shoes, a nike tempo (27 pounds- PBD 39.99), a pair of airwalk ski thermal gloves (2.49 pounds- PBD 24.99) and a pair of umbro goal keeper gloves (99 pence- PBD 8.99).

*PBD- Price Before Discount

That's a lot of spending there, and a lot of saving too! In the UK, if there's a sale, then it is a SALE with HUGE SAVINGS and DISCOUNTS. There are constantly a lot of deals in the UK and it's hard to resist on not buying anything. Other than those three items that i've mentioned, other sporting goods that i've bought were a mountain bike and a tennis racquet.

It's fun to enjoy doing things that you really love, and in which for my case, playing sports with friends or just riding my bike along the trails and hills at Sheffield. Most of the time in Malaysia, i usually spend my money on food and beverages; if only there's a mamak stall here in Sheffield, it'll be truly a blessing in disguise.

I really have to start saving now or else i'll end up eating grass.



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