Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Bambles

Sorry for being such a lazy ass. I'm sooooo lazy to write and being out of ideas to post anything. During the recent weeks i've been occupying myself with the Sheffield Malaysian Cup, watching a live game between Man $iteh against Porto, volunteering and participating in the Sheffield Malaysian Games, becoming a tourist guide for a friend of mine who came all the way from Egypt (oi Awang oiii!!), a trip to Drax Power Station and facing my personal tutor whom revealed my final exam results--

And I scored an average of 1st class mark!!

I was like.."OMG (pokerface)" because I didn't anticipate my marks to be like my personal tutor said since I screwed some of my papers in my finals.

March is underway and there are still 3 months left before this semester ends . I can't wait for the summer holidays and I know its still a long way to go, but there's no harm on wishing it to come early and lasts abit longer, no?

As retarded as I would be, I could imagine my brain becoming slowly degenerate ever since I started studying in Sheffield. Like, brainwise, I could feel it getting smaller and sometimes when I try to think, I could only give it a thought for a few seconds and imagining something different later. Sounds stupid, but seriously I could feel it getting smaller..haha. (Maybe I should stop playing

I've started cycling to class and I must say it's totally fun. Imagine, walking around 30minutes to your department to attend a lecture and walking up a hill for another 30minutes later to go back home. Nang kepaklah. Cycling cuts the time needed to only 10 minutes, (or 3 minutes if I pedal like Lance Armstrong and the traffic lights are all green) and so far, I could really feel my quadriceps burning; which is a sign of improvement.

Every now and then I always think about home, about my friends, and my family. I just can't wait to go home and spend the rest of my summer holidays back home in Kuching. One does not simply study abroad and not miss home-


Laksa Sarawak......arghhhhhhhh!!!!

P:S// Spring is coming and it's time to bring my camera and lens for some action! =P. Banyak bunga2 cantik maaaaa..macam itu bunga Sakura.


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