Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sip Of Hot Mint Chocolate

Nothing beats the loveliness of hot mint chocolate with some soft acoustic music playing in the background of my room in the middle of the night. The temperature is rather cold, but not as cold as winter, but being just right at 5 degrees celcius. 

In every sip of the hot mint chocolate drink- my mind could recall, those slightest bit of childhood memories of mine, saying how beautiful it was to be a child, and to live like one. There's a saying, "How I wish I could be an adult, but see with a pair of eyes like a child,".

When I was a small little kid I used to play with my imagination and randomly make noises everytime I play with it. Like imagining a straw becoming a jet plane and making jet plane-like sounds just to make it more fun and exciting.

Do you guys think kids today are spoilt, with technologies destroying what it means to be a child? Apart from imagination, I used to play with legos, make origami's, assemble and race miniature 4WD cars, collecting pokemon cards, cycle with friends and swim in the river? (Aku pernah mandik kat sungei Sarawak a.k.a Rajang okay...? hahaha)

If I have a kid one day I'll probably teach him these things and how to really enjoy your time as a child, instead of hogging infront of an ipad, ipod, ps3, xbox or tv all the time. I still remember those days when a handphone was a luxury and in recent times it changed to necessity and now a liability. (Anybody could recall the "telephone cage" where the numbers on our house telephone are locked using a key by our parents to prevent us dialing those 600-xxx-xxxx numbers to talk to power rangers, ultraman, etc?)

Ahhh..fond memories, fond, fond memories..


Safri Anugerah Illahi said...

about the 4wd car thingy, i think i have what u meant here: i bought the famous Magnum Saber though. :P

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