Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm 21!

It was my birthday last Sunday and like any other day, it was just an ordinary day. On that day I went to Rotherham park, participating in SMSA day out where there was an explorace activity and BBQ. I just miss those juicy bbq chicken wings and hot's hard to turn them down once you get a bite of it!

Rotherham park is big and is beautiful. The only thing that I dislike about the park was there were so many worms on the walking pathway, in which it makes walking feels scary..haha.

I managed to get close up views of swans, sheeps and cows (I was afraid to take pictures of the sheeps and cows since they were looking at us curiously). Honestly swans are such beautiful creatures..I just love the way when they hover just a few inches over the lake and glide down from the sky. Here's a few pictures that I took from the event. =P.

Now this week, as I mentioned before, would be my design week, where I dont have any lectures or classes at all. This week alone, is dedicated for me and my groupmates to design a benzene/toulene distillation process and so far, it's been tedious though. many calculations, yet so little time.

Penin palak bah. Haha.

P:S// I think my camera and lens are having some kind of problem seems that everytime when I take a picture, they tend to focus wrongly and the exposures are always over and underexposed. Hmm..I guess I should give my camera and lens a little of's been a few months now since I took out my camera for some sun.


Safri Anugerah Illahi said...

you think worms are scary? seriously? :P LOL

Safri Anugerah Illahi said...

ehh.. lupak nak wish, Happy Birthday Bro~

Buzz said...


they were a lot of worms of them!! haha..sapa sik and thanks for the bday wish as well!! =P

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