Friday, March 23, 2012

The Barracuda Big Eye

This is my new ride, the Big Eye, from Barracuda.

I bought it for 250 pounds from and I found it the most worth it for their specs. I havent ride it though and I shall ride this bad ass for my trip to the Peak District this Sunday. I had to part ways with my old bike and the bike had served me well for 5months. I have to confess, that this bike feels so much well built compared to the Dunlop which I bought. Well yeah, quality is costs, as they say.

With Suntour SF12-XCT V4 suspension fork, 24 speed Shimano EZ fire shifters and FC-M131 alloy cranks, Tektro Novela disc brake and Kenda Koyote Tyres, what's not to like for the Big Eye? =p

The bike looks totally awesome, right? Haha. I used to cycle almost everyday when I was a kid. I never had a bicycle and usually I use my sisters bike everytime I wanna go cycling with my cousins and friends. I love it when the wind flows through your hair and breezes through your body. I love it when the hill gets steeper and makes you feel like a racer when you cycle downhill.


Argh, the agony of having a bike! Lol. Anyways, speaking of bikes, check out this video's from youtube, they're super cool.

These guys really do have big balls and I totally admire their bravery. I wish I could do these stuffs later on. Extreme cycling! I wonder what happens if the person on the 3rd video suddenly crashes to the side..the hills are pretty damn scary!!

The last meme in the picture seems legit. Lol.


Buzz said...

I was thinking about buying this bike, £230 for the money it's above anything else I can find for the same price, But that makes me wonder whats wrong with it. I also wonder why you would write and take photos of a bike, that you hadn't even used, I know any time I buy a new bike I test ride it as soon as possible to work out any issues it might have, just in case I want to return it, I find that bikes that look too good for the money you're paying, normally are too good and something falls off sooner then later while you're riding it, Nice photos, but shame there is no follow up to how the bike rides, maybe something fell off the bike while you was riding it to the lakes, and you died, Best of luck to you anyway.

Buzz said...

haha..funny comment, wayne, i'm still alive here mate.. this bike got stolen a few months ago when i brought this to uni. the feel of the bike is alright, the tyres are good, the frame is surprisingly light- i had no problems whatsoever on riding it on top of a hill and feels "ok" when riding down hill. the bike doesnt have good speed when you're pedalling fast and i recommend this if you're going to use it for casual purposes though and light XC. the forks are not that good compared to other bikes but if i could recall there was a GT avalanche on sale at wiggle at almost the same price, i'd recommend that over this barracuda though. i love this bike, as i use it almost everyday to go to class. thanks. :)

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