Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Memes are getting ridiculously popular and to be honest, they're fun and cute, in their own way.

Just incase if i get bored of studying or in need of something to freshen up my day, sites like and are the ones that never fails to cheer me up.

I prefer to read though, since their jokes and humours always make me grin and smile with awe. Down here is one of my favourite rage comics-

Like, how fucking true is that??? Haha.

Rage comics always describe the "common everyday lifestyle" and you can't deny that it is absolutely true- well, most of it anyways.

Here's a few meme that i've generated myself using about my current situation- and some descriptions of the the meme, just incase you guys don't know what it means. Lol. (If you want to read more and create your own memes, visit memegenerator!)

"The Y U No meme actually began as Y U No Guy but eventually evolved into simply Y U No, the phrase being generally followed by some often ridiculous suggestion. Originally, the face of Y U No guy was taken from Japanese cartoon Gantz’ Chapter 55: Naked King, edited, and placed on a pink wallpaper. The text for the item reads “I TXT U … Y U NO TXTBAK?!” It appeared as a Tumblr file, garnering over 10,000 likes and reblogs"
 "That excruciating moment when you realized..WHYYYYYYYYYYYY"
 "Okay Guy, also known as Okay, is a black and white line drawing of a face that was originally part of a blank, editable, four-panel cartoon. The character says “Okay” to things that most people would not consider to be okay. "
 "One of the more popular strains of meme often has to do with a simple line drawing which conveys nonetheless and impactful emotion. In the case of Challenge Accepted, there is a line drawing of a very sure, confident, and smug looking stick person with stick arms crossed in finality"
"Slowpoke is one of a slew of Pokemon memes made popular in the internet site 4chan. The Slowpoke character is often utilized in the presence of a troll (internet kind) who has brought a tired old issue back up for discussion to the annoyance of everyone else"

"Me Gusta is a black and white line drawing depicting an out of proportion head with a goggle-eyed look. The character in the cartoon responds to anything with the phrase “Me Gusta”, which is Spanish for “I like it”, which is a loose translation of the more accurate term “It pleases me”. "
And my favourite-

"Rage FU also refers to “RageGuy”, a questionably artistic lopsided line drawing of an enraged man. RageGuy was originally part of a four panel comic strip, but his character has become so popular due to the meme that he has transitioned to full meme-dom."

Lol. So which one is your favourite? Challenge accepted? Slowpoke? Me gusta or the Rage FUUU guy? =P


Anonymous said...

challenge accepted! sound like barney in himym. hahahaha.

Buzz said...

rase2 die ke yg start meme tu? =P

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