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2011- The Year In Pictures And Words

P:S//Sorry for the no-updates! Exams are coming had to use my time to study. Hope you guys understand!

It's been such a fantastic- and agonizing year 2011 has been and I can't believe that i've gone through all these shit in a year.


Lets see..what actually happened in 2011?


Back to Micet, one of the Universities which are located in totally rural area of Malacca were such a pain in the ass for me. I didn't particularly liked Micet as much as I would, since you're totally isolated from the outside world- where without your own transport you're deemed to be brain dead (not to mention that slowwwwwww free wifi in the dorms) and stuck with the horrible cafe's. I still miss Pak Ya's cafe and Kedai Puaka-(Don't ask why we name it), they had the best meals and were good value for the buck.  Me and my friends kicked start January with a dinner at Malacca's best seafood place, Umbai and went to Melaka Wonderland.


Still in Micet and staying strong. In the month of February Micet had a sports carnival and from all the games that we played, we won medals in Takraw, Ping Pong (a confirmed gold), Netball and a few which i couldnt remember. But the highlight of February was the sending of our roommate, Lee, which is due to study in Auckland, New Zealand at KLIA. There were a lot of families attending their childrens sending off and to tell you guys the truth, I was proud to see them flying off and was sad to see our roommate going to Auckland.


This was the saddest month that i've gone through. With assignments, tests and exams are due and during the night before my birthday, my beloved aunt passed away because of blood cancer. I can't fly back to Kuching the next day since I had a test on that particular date and there I lay down, crying by myself with disbelief. In short notice, Allah took her away from me and my family. Writing this still gives me chills and sadness and if only I've spent much time with her..


April was a slow and the most boring month i've ever had. Everyone was busy with their studies, as exams are just a month away and everyone wants to get their asses on the plane and fly to UK. It was also the month where me and my friends went to KL to take a look at the PC Fair and paid a visit to our good friends at iprom.


May 2011. This was one of the best month in the calendar where surprisingly I was nominated as one of the winners in an essay writing competition and met the ex-prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We also had our graduation dinner and it was a blast. Final exams were a breeze, but Engineering Design paper, made by Mr Law spoiled the mood where the questions were like- fucking hard. Finally I could go back to Kuching and relax myself after 5 months of studying.


June was the month where I had the chance to fully explore my hometown, Kuching. A few friends of mine from the peninsular came to visit Kuching where there was this cheap online flight tickets to Kuching from Airasia. The trip to Bako National Park was one of the best trips i've ever had. With tantalizing trails and hikes, we managed to travel half of the island but managed to see the wildlife in deep of the forest, natural waterfalls and rivers and few monkeys i've never seen before. In this month i've also managed to watch my local team, Sarawak, play against Kelantan at the Sarawak stadium but ended in bad blood; with firecrackers being thrown around in the stadium which were hugely entertaining than the match itself. Lol.


It is confirmed. It is confirmed that i've pass my exams in Micet and I was totally overjoyed. With the coming of the EPL giants- the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to Malaysia, I thought this would be the most appropriate time to treat myself- with two match tickets (Liverpool and Arsenal), this is once in a lifetime experience. Booked myself a plane ticket and flew to KL on the day where there was this riot- BERSIH which intervened my journey to Hakim's house. Thanks to Muadz, i got a place to stay or it'd be damned to stuck in traffic in which major roads are closed. Liverpool won 6-3 and honestly, it was a very good game compared to Arsenal's, who won 4-0 simply because Safee and Safiq Rahim scored 3 beautiful goals for Malaysia.


Visa. Oh Visa. It's the holy month of Ramadhan in August and it was deemed to be the one to cherish as I would be leaving soon. But this month was pretty much fussy as I had to complete my visa application which I did twice. The first attempt was a disaster though, as the day before I wanted to send in my visa application, i've just realized that my passport will expire by 2012. And I was like.."Shit mangggggg..i've just wasted my money to buy plane tickets to KL and now I have to go here again next week!" On the day where I had to send my visa application, I had to take a taxi to Damansara and renew my passport on the spot. Took me like 5 hours to renew it since they were lots of people renewing and applying for a passport and oh, Eid was on 31st of August. Lovely date.


Celebrating Eid with friends and family, it was certainly the month to enjoy in September and saying goodbye to Malaysian food, lovely friends and caring family was really tough- with a new world and environment awaits, I am unsure about my capability to adapt to the english world- England, Sheffield. The first week itself has been hell, as I was caught with a flu and asthma and jetlag. The first week of lectures has been a breeze and had to do a little adjustment with my surroundings as I had to constantly remind myself that this is not Micet. In Micet we usually have class like in a group of 26 people and it was easy to ask questions with the lecturers. Now, its a different story.


As i'm trying to settle down in Sheffield, i've noticed that the shops here close very early, like at 5pm and they have this VAT tax- which is due 20% on stuffs, mainly on electronics which is a total rip off. In Malaysia they have 6% but its 20% here in UK! If any of you guys planning to buy laptops please buy at Malaysia, which is a hell lot cheaper. In October i've also went scurrying around in Sheffield and managed to experience a carboot sale which is pretty massive. A trip to Liverpool and Anfield gave October a month to remember; sad that we dont have tickets for the match, otherwise it would've been the perfect trip.


A lot of things happened in November and the main highlights was celebrating AidilAdha at Sheffield, my first time visiting Meadowhall (the biggest shopping mall in Sheffield) and ofcourse, the Malaysian Nottingham games and Malaysian food festival. The Malaysian Nottingham games were fun, and the organizers planned our trips perfectly and it was nice to see Sheffield grabbed the champions title in football. It was a pretty intense final though and i'm sure everyone who watched the final remembered what the Manchester university player did to the ref, right? Lol.


December is the final month of 2011 and to top things off me and my friends had a christmas dinner with my and other flatmates at Lawrencefield. I love the vegetable dish and gravy that my flatmate cooked. It was tha boombbbb. December was also the month where we had our final lectures and say goodbye to our flatmates as they were going back to their hometown. Me and my friends had a dinner ourselves where we tried to cook Nasi Lemak but failed miserably. But still the taste wasn't that bad though. Still eatable. Lol. And finally, December ended with style where I've had a chance to travel to Amsterdam, the city of Sins.


Well, that's pretty much what 2011 was about for me- a simple words and picture summed up in a blogpost. Probably this year (2012) resolution is where i'll finally try to exercise and get a six-pack and some good grades for my masters degree.

Happy 2012 everyone! And no, I don't believe that there'll be apocalypse on 12.12.12.

Bullshit all over.


aizat amzar said...

zil 21/12/2012 is apocalypse :P

Buzz said...

owhhh 21 kah zat? i thought it was 12. =.. ill edit that afterwards

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