Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day In Sheffield

They say that its the biggest event of the year.

Mark 26th of December on your calendar boys- because thats boxing day and that would be the only day where you could get a PS3 with a whopping 20-30% discount or a good ass bundle.

Apparently im dreaming.

That picture above were the only things that I've bought during boxing day- a Sherlock Holmes novel and the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (both for 11.99 pounds), a 100% cotton cardigan from primark (10 pounds) and a box of ferrero rochers (1 pounds; we ate all of them already).

I was left disappointed with the fact that I couldn't get a PS3..its been a while since i've been scouting for that console- heck, i'll just wait for next year's boxing day.

Woke up as early as 7am and walked through the treacherous winds and little bit of pouring rains were some challenge that me and my friends had to endure to go for boxing day and as we reached the tram station, I was left shocked to see that there were tons of people queuing to get a ride.

What's so special about getting early? Does that makes you an olympic gold medalist?

Well, from my humbled point of view, it does gets you to purchase dead cheap clothes, shoes and other apparels at shops and in Meadowhall, I was left awestruck with the swarm of human walking around and trying clothes on. Since there's limited amount of fitting rooms, some shoppers bravely put down their pants and tried their denims on. (And that damn long queue)

Cool. In paradise Malaysia you would get shot by a phone camera and got it posted at Oh! Media entitled

"Pembeli tidak beradab. Apa nak jadi dengan manusia sekarang"


One thing I'm disappointed about this boxing day was the lack of discount given on electronics stuffs, like headphones, tvs, monitors, consoles, etc, etc- you get the drill. It's a shame really, since i'm not really a fashionista, but a technogeeko.

The clothes are really damn cheap I tell you, when I entered Primark at 10am something I saw this cool winter jacket which I thought was on a really good deal, like 10 pounds and thinking of buying it afterwards. But after a while, it's gone!!

To compensate my disappointment, that was the time when I thought-

"Dah lamak dah sik baca novel.."

And there comes those two new books in room. Reading internet posts saying people queueing up as early as 4am kinda put me on a perspective-

When it comes to shopping; especially discounts, "Get up early, grab that deal, be a happy man"

But today- I thought-

"Got up early, deal wasn't there, went home a sad man"

P:S// Why Cinema's in the UK doesn't have subtitles on their movies?! Sometimes its hard to understand complex storylines when you can't even understand what they're saying..warghhh. (And oh, sorry for the lack of pictures during boxing day, thought that it would be a good idea to enjoy myself and enjoice the shopping bonanza's. Heh)


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