Friday, December 23, 2011

This Is Winter. This Is Amsterdam.

Fuck this shit.


I've been such a couch potato this winter. There a lot of blog posts that i've wanted to write and share, but instead all i do is sleep, eat and surf the net. No productivity at all.

It's winter and i'm not going to brag telling you guys how cold it is. I'm sure you guys know how exactly COLD it is during winter, and how many layers of clothes are essential if you want to avoid getting frozen nipples on the street. (Or icicles)

Anyways, to fill up the "no productivity at all" slogan into the bin, my friends planned a trip to Amsterdam, by Ferry.

Ferry?! You fucking serious mate?

I tell you, the Ferry is freaking awesomeeeee!!! Top notch. Top Quality.

"Barang baik bai..5 stars aku bagi"

The price is not that expensive, where the tickets costs me 36 pounds and the experience it gave was overwhelming and worthwhile. But before the Ferry trip from Hull, we went to the Deep, a place which looks quite similar like Aquaria at KLCC and we were kinda disappointed with what the place had to offer. It's boring.

If i was a kid, most probably my face looks like this when I look at those fishes in the tank-


But now..



Inside the Ferry, we had hotel-like facilities and they were a lot of entertainments such as live bands, cinemas, sundecks, live football matches on telly and casinos- where we saw lots of people lost hundreds on pounds in one night. One thing that I didn't really like are those random checks that they did on us when we want to board the ferry though, which is kinda odd.

Once we reached Amsterdam, first thing that i've noticed is that there are sooooo many bikes on the streets. Like, a gazillion of them on the roads of Amsterdam. Never in my life I see bicycles hogging the road that many and feel intimidated that I could get hit by a random bicycle and die. Ok, I think i exaggerated that part a bit. Heh.

As we walk through the streets, we could smell weed. Weed, magic mushrooms, cannabis, or any kind of soft drugs are legal in Amsterdam and so is prostitution- at the Red Light District, or codename RLD. Amsterdam, the city of Sins- drugs, alcohol, sex and freedom- their motto, I suppose.

Weeds in Amsterdam are sold in local coffee shops and you can directly smoke it inside the coffee shop which probably costs you 10-20 euros a packet. I'm not a weed smoker, or a cigarette smoker myself but my tiny little brain does says that its a waste of money. Well, kinda.

Strolling away in the streets of Amsterdam, we saw river pathways in which you could see lots of small boats travelling around with tourists inside- not to mention that they're tons of ducks swimming around and swans too. It's my first time looking at a swan and it's a beautiful, elegant and enormous little creature.

The foods in Amsterdam are fucking expensive. (Especially the Halal ones- cut throat prices; kebab with a few pieces of fries costs you 9.50 euros and a can of pepsi would do a damage of +2.50 euro to your wallet. Once we've found where's McD located in Amsterdam, its fillet o fish all the way baby. And oh, wanna use the toilet? That'll costs you 50 cents at Amsterdam's Mcdonald.

In Malaysia its free. Malaysia BOLEHHH!!!

Our Hotel in Amsterdam were a bit crappy and we had to share the toilet and bathroom with other guests, so its kinda inconvenient for us to have our sweet time in the toilet. Forgotten to take pictures of the hotel since we were busy taking pictures of Amsterdam but incase you're wondering, we stayed at Mevlana Hotel and costs us 72 euros a night. Quite cosy. But inconvenient because of the shared toilet and bathroom.

As the night blooms in Amsterdam, me and my friends thought of going to the Red Light District- a place where you can "hire" women for some services and based on my experience, errr...well, I can't really describe it though- all I can say that its full of women that you can "hire" and would costs you 70 dollars for 20min, so do the math. If Malaysia has a RLD of its own, i'm sure its the end of the world. Apocalypse.

At RLD, there's a museum, called Erotic Museum which costs you 7 euros to enter (nothing much inside- view youtube to check whats inside) and talking about museums, we entered one of the famous museums in Amsterdam, called The Torture Museum, which was kinda thrilling. A lot of weapons and unimaginable stuffs were displayed to torture humans and looks disturbing as hell.

Aside of all those nonsense, one of the highlights of my Amsterdam trips with my friends were the mosque in Amsterdam. From outside, you'll never thought that there's a big mosque inside the building, which looks like just a normal shopping lot. But when you come inside, its big, majestic, and so...mesmerizingly beautiful.

Before the prayers, there were Quran verses being read by the imams and the lights were all shut off except at the front of the mosque. Somehow it brought warmth and ease listening to Quran verses on such conditions and gave me chills at the back of my neck.

All good things come to an end and despite only a few days in Amsterdam and running short of budget, I can say that my trip was well worth the time, money and experience. If only we stayed a bit longer, which costs you a bit more money, it would've been the perfect holiday. Probably if there's another chance to go to Amsterdam again, i'm gonna ride that cruise and probably smoke myself some weed.

Lol. Slim chance.

I amsterdam.



hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

cold is better for me for sure :D...hate the sweaty hot condition in Malaysia :D...haha
btw that so called 'ferry'..damn that's cheap...really cheap...and wtf?! 0.50 euro to enter a toilet in McD? that is capitalism at its truly best..haha..

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