Sunday, December 4, 2011



I'm a bicycle, and I have a name. You can call me Dunlop. My full name is Dunlop Signature Series Realm and i have a skin color of blue, and black and I would like to share you my story.

2 weeks ago, there was two people, from Sheffield, who wanted to buy a bike from my home, Sports Direct. Two of my friends were picked up from home and sent to Sheffield to their rightful owners, named Buzz, and Saiklop. 

There were very happy to get their bikes and i'm happy for my friends too. I wished them well. Hopefully that their owners will treat them with love, care and lust.

Unfortunately though, one of my friends had a problem with his front gear, so he had to be exchanged. He came back to Sports Direct and Sports Direct sent a new bicycle, another friend of mine to his house and Saiklop, the owner who received the new bike, was very happy with it.

Then, a week after that, disaster came, my friend, who's owner is Buzz, had a problem with his gear and Buzz and his friends tried to fix it, but it was to no avail. So he called Sports Direct and asked wether he can get a new one, and Sports Direct said yes. 

This time, it was my turn, to adventure to a new world, outside from this big building and experience the wonders of nature, city and urbanization.

Sports Direct sent a courier service from Yodel to pick my friend up from Saiklop's house, but couldn't pick him up since nobody was at Saiklop's apartment. So Buzz took the alternative, by carrying the bike from Saiklop's place with Kuna, a friend of Buzz, up the hill to his apartment at Lawrencefield. It was tough. Very-very tough indeed. 

Buzz called Sports Direct and asked them to arrange for a new collection time and it was Tuesday last week. Buzz had to sent his lab report late, just because he wanted to make sure that Yodel picked the bicycle up. After my friend was collected from Yodel, Buzz ranged Sports Direct again to inform that the bicycle was picked up.

So, Sports Direct sent me to Saiklop's house last Wednesday, 30th of November since the order reference regarding the purchase was made at Saiklop's house. I was sealed in a box and it was so dark and gloomy, and I can't wait to look at the sunshine outside. 

When Buzz came, I can see the look from his eyes- he was so happy. Him and Saiklop put me up and assembled me quickly, but Saiklop forgotten that the pump's tyre was at Ecah's house; so Buzz had to walk me from Saiklop's home to my new home, Lawrencefield. On my way to Lawrencefield, I saw my friend and he said "Hi" and said that he was cold. It was Winter, said Buzz, so the temperature is very, very cold indeed.

Once I've reached Lawrencefield, I've been chained next to a staircase and on that night, Saiklop came up with the tyre's pump. Buzz pumped my tyre up and said that he will ride me up this weekend, probably this Sunday morning to the Botanical Gardens and on Saturday night, something happened.

There was a loud noise that night and someone kicked on my rims,  twisted 720 degree's on my handle and my handle bars were pulled off. I was pushed from the staircase and fell down to the earth. I cried in despair. I was going to die. 


So I closed my eyes..and hope, that heaven would take me far away from this place..I was searching for Buzz, but he wasn't there..he was still asleep. He havent rode me up yet and promised to bring me to the Botanical Gardens but with this condition, I dont think I could make it..I'm sorry Buzz..I'm truly sorry..


P:S// I'm seriously devastated, angry and sad.


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