Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've always dreamed off being an engineer and my love for chemistry had given me the edge towards chemical engineering. But, when I've started teaching and worked as a teacher and a personal tutor to students that was when I've thought-

"Hey, teaching seems kinda fun..why dont I try becoming a real teacher or a lecturer some day?"

So i thought, yeah, why not? Doesn't mean that im going to finish my studies, obtain a masters degree in chemical engineering- i'll end up to become an engineer for life. Maybe I could become an engineer for a few years, set up my own tuition centre and be my own boss, and teacher.

You don't have to be someones slave and do everything that someone told you so. One day if im fortunate enough, i'll build a tuition centre that every students will love- a tuition centre with its own cafe, its own place to chill, a library or an internet cafe. That'll would be the best tuition centre ever. I know some parents would think that it would be much of a distraction for students, but as long as the students get their education and are happy- then i'll die being a happy man.

Thats my dream.

Dreams are never too late to reach. Even when you're almost dying.

Its never too late.


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