Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ask A Doctor

Usually when I study I'll sit next on my bed, cross legged and some honey stars to munch on.

One thing I've realized that everytime I'm studying like that, (with or without the honey stars) my leg starts to give me some tingling and numb sensation that I really hate.

I tried googling some answers in the internet, but I'm not satisfied..until-

I met

It's a nifty site where you ask anything regarding your health problems and such and I gave it a try myself. I was quite amazed that they told me they will try to answer my question as soon as possible.

I like that.

Regarding to my question, Dr. Hoffman would gladly answer it so what the heck, I'm gonna click continue and see what's the answer for my leg tingling and numbness.

But wait.

There's a catch!!


Urgh. I have to pay atleast RM124 if im going to get my asnwer and as you can see, the higher the urgency and the level of detail required, the higher amount of money that you have to pay. The lowest was RM50, while the highest was..


I didn't click the continue button though, but I was wondering what type of answer i'm going to receive if I chose the lowest urgency and level of detail.

See, i've answered my own question!! :P. 

Now who wants an answer for their health problems? 

P:S//No offense, but I do find this site is pretty cool and reliable in terms of health. A doctor could earn as much as RM200++ for a question- I bet everyone wants to be a doctor now..hehe


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