Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Month To Struggle

Today is the 3rd of April.

Its a month shy from my final exam date, which is on the 3rd of May.

During this one month i'll try to study as much as I could and do my best in recapturing all of my revisions last semester and this one too.

I know that failing this exam, and if I do not meet the requirements of MARA i'm sure that the opportunity to study overseas is gone and i'm going to regret it FOREVER.

So during this one month period, most probably i'll play lesser games, online chatting and blogging. I'll make the most of my time studying and hopefully i'll get my target 1st class degree! :).

Till then my readers- if you miss me, you guys can always read my previous blog posts. Harhar.

P:S// I still blog. But expect late updates! Sorry. Hope you guys understand!!! Thanks for supporting Random-Apples!! :)


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