Friday, April 8, 2011

Safee Sali Vs Carragher, Terry, Cesc and Vidic!

Malaysia's venomous striker, Safee Sali will be bearing a huge task on his shoulders to break the EPL's big guns when they'll be stepping foot to this country on July.

Being a Liverpudlian at heart, its a dream come to true for me to watch my favourite team in action, but i'm thinking how the hell would Safee Sali be fighting with those monster defenders in this few months ahead.

Safee vs Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manu?

No Problem.

Safee Vs Liverpool

Safee Vs Manu

Safee Vs Chelsea

Safee Vs Arsenal

Safee Time Orang Tengah Gaduh

What do you think? Safee is EPL Proven!!!!!!!


obefiend said...

ko igt name ko kuyt ko cute la

Random-Apples said... one!!! :p. kuyt!!! (cute)

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