Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tennis. Drive. Music.

These 3 things are my hobbies.

I love playing tennis. I started playing tennis when I was in form 5 and was taught by two of my best buds, Faris and Aizat. They were superior- ofcourse- compared to me whom was inferior and had the most annoying tennis serve back then.

In Micet, I usually play some tennis with my friends here and I enjoyed every bit of serve, stroke and smash I've had with them. (Except for part when we've hit the ball too hard and it flew to bushes).

I'll be looking forward to play with Aizat and Fariz when i'm coming back to Kuching after my finals here in Micet. (For once, and for all! No more Micet, please).



I remembered well how I used to drive without my driving license, especially when I was in form 5.

My parents always hated to bring me to the library and school during weekends. I remembered well how scared to death I was during new years eve when I drove without a license.

In Kuching, when I have the free time I'll usually drive around and open all the car windows and enjoy the cold wind air blowing through my face, and hair.

And oh, there comes the music!

While enjoying the drive, most of the time I'll turn on my favourite music through my ipod in the car. I'll sing till my lungs are out of breath and scream, if I feel like screaming.

Its nice, you know, driving while listening to your favourite music and enjoying the refreshing air.

How I wish i'm back here in Kuching.



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