Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photography Equipment- Completed!

During my KL trip a few weeks ago I've bought myself a present- a new lens!!

This was my 3rd biggest purchase after my Rayban sunnies and Klipsch headphones and most probably i'll be saving my money now, or else i'll end up broke!

Here's a pictar of the lens that I've bought!

Its the 17-50mm F2.8 Tamron lens!

I bought it 2nd hand though (RM880) the price is cheaper than the 1st hand- RM300++ saved. It is still in warranty and looks absolutely brand new (since the seller didn't use it that much) so I guess it was totally money worth spent here.

I didn't have much time in taking pictures with this new lens, but here's a picture that I took recently with it (and edited abit in Aperture).

I took it with a 17mm focal length. (Haven't experimented the lens in various focal lengths yet) I wonder how it would be if I took it at 10mm..i'm sure it would be tad spectacular!!

Oh, here's another one.

One of my favourite drinks..Malta. =P


17-50mm f2.8 [check]
35mm f1.8 [check]
50mm f1.4 [check]
55-200mm f.5.6 VR [check]

Ok- how the hell i'm going to fit those lens in my bag?! =.=

Anyways, it's time to take my photography skills to a whole new level!


Elisha Batuncang said...

You really do have a lot of lenses and I only have one. Photography is really one expensive hobby ain't it.

Gabrielle Jee said...

Among all the lenses, I love the f1.8 50mm the most. Lightweight, takes good portraits! I think I can't live without a speedlite 570 too. But the 1.8 is kind of annoying at times, what I would really like ^_^ is a f1.4 10-200mm! that'll be so handy! no need to carry so many lenses. i dont even think that exists...

Random-Apples said...


It took me 6 years to buy these lenses, eli..saved a lot of my money and yes, it is an expensive hobby..but, if u look at a positive way, these lenses and camera will last u for years to come.


The 50mm f1.8 is special, ain't it? Haha..i have a speedlight, but i usually use it on certain occasions..if there's a 10-200mm f1.4 lens, that would be a very big piece of glass..=P. If there is one..i wonder what's the price would be. -.-

ken said...

cool.. next target.. i bigger bag :P

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