Monday, July 25, 2011


Recently, in the month of July I've received two Internship/Work offers from Oil & Gas companies such as Centrionics (based in Malaysia) and ExxonMobil (based worldwide).

I was flattered to receive these offers and totally shocked, that at the tender age of 20, I've received a few offers from such companies.

But, as flattered and interested I am regarding the offer, I had to reject the internship offer by Centrionics since it is based at Shah Alam (I have no relatives there..but friends, yes- I couldn't afford to stay at my friend's house for a one whole month, do I?)

Maybe once I've finished my studies, probably I could reconsider the internship offer again and just rent myself a house and I might have my own transportation.

Still, regarding the ExxonMobil offer, after much debate with fellow forummers and Google search on the internet, I assume that it's a hoax.

That email did made a job good in convincing me that it was from ExxonMobil. But, oh well, you're messing with the wrong fella.

Beware of scam activities in the internet!


nuraisyahr said...

hey bazil, camne apply for centrionics tu?

Random-Apples said...

entah lah syah xtaw macamane I dpt offer tu..haha..seingat bazil aritu, I only applied for a tutor job kat kolej teknologi dpt offer ni plak. >.<

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