Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dream Car

This is my dream car- currently,

The Honda Insight.

I'm sure a lot of you guys dreamed about riding a mercedes, porsche or even a ferrari, but, if you ask me, why did I choose Honda Insight as my dream car, it would probably because its-

Stylish- damn those sexy curves of hers..
Environmental Friendly- Hybrid, so less CO2 emission. (I know, that sounds totally dope)
Economical- Atleast I could save a lot of $$$ in terms of fuel consumption.
Affordable- It's RM90k; a realistic target, I must say!!

So- what's your dream car? :P


Anonymous said...

mitsubushi colt.
x ske sgt kete sedan. haha.

Random-Apples said...

Kreta sedan takut gak nak drive kadang2..sebab pnjg sgt! hehe

Anonymous said...

haha. btul2. ad history nk terlnggr mse drive sedan. so amik yg hatchback sudaa. haha.

Lindy said...

I want a Hummer H3. LOL!!! Frikkin awesome car. :)

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