Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liverpool Vs Malaysia- Incredible. Totally, totally incredible!

You know,

They say- "Form is temporary, but CLASS, is permanent"

That was what I saw, at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at KL, last Saturday, when Liverpool condemned Malaysia XI in a 6-3 demolition during the Liverpool Vs Malaysia match.

Not bad; considering that most of the 1st team Liverpool players are absent. (The likes of Suarez, Lucas, Gerrard, Glen Johnson, Reina and co)

As the King himself said- no one is bigger than the club and that statement was absolutely true when an array of 37000 liverpudlians swarm in the Bukit Jalil stadium during the training session and more than 80000 fans turned up during the match!!

Lagi ramai dari BERSIH rally YO!!

Watching glimpses of the Liverpool players such as Carroll, "Kunyit", Maxi, Aquilani and Adam really made my KL trip simply worth it. Not to mention the Arsenal team too, I had fun watching them, but not as fun as watching my favourite team live in action.

Here's some of my best snaps that I took during the training session and the match. I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I do! ;) (I had a hard time taking pictures with my 55-200mm f5.6 zoom lens..a faster aperture could really do the trick- mostof my pictures suffered from vignette when zoomed at 200mm!)

Ok. Rant over.


It was one of the most valuable experience that I've had thus far in my whole life, watching Liverpool in a packed Bukit Jalil Stadium. Every goal was cheered with a roar of screams, yells and shrieks. When Safee scored the third goal for Malaysia- I almost dropped down from my seat when I was celebrating the goal.

Good stuff.

I was a bit disappointed though- that during the meet and greet player sessions at Pavilion, only people who had passes could get the players autographs..I really wanted them to sign one of my Liverpool jerseys..but, what the heck, better luck next time I guess.

I wonder when could I see them live in Anfield? day..i guess..maybe one day..

And oh, let me end this post with this picture.

Now that's, candid!

P:S// Liverpool Vs Malaysia, an experience, never to be forgotten.


Sharinginfoz said...

good to see Malaysia scored 3 goals

MFI said...

ok..honestly..ko sorak brape banyak gol kat sana?? 3?? 6?? ataupun 9??

Random-Apples said...


Yep, good to see the Malayan Tigers scored 3 good goals against Liverpool. ;)


Sorak 9..haha. Friendly bah. heh. =P

Anonymous said...

nice pictures and good post :)

joaaaaaaan said...

Nice write up! I shouldn't be jealous of a guy, but not only you got to see Arsenal, you got to see Liverpool as well! *jealous max* :b

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