Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paying 150 Pounds Deposit For Accommodation

A tutorial dedicated to Sheffield University students.


First, log in through your id, and view your contract details. After you've accepted your contract, they will prompt you to pay a deposit of 150 pounds. (Roughly RM800)

There are a few ways to pay the deposit- by using a credit or debit card.

I use a debit card since it's the easiest. (Man, i just love debit cards..!)

Okay, on the payment page, deposit is already ticked, so no harm there, but, at the residence charges, there would be three boxes to tick, either;

Single Payment by Credit/Debit card Immediately (means you're paying 4k pounds on the spot using your card)

Single Payment by Credit/Debit card on 05 October 2011 (I chose this, which basically means that i'm going to pay my residence charges on the date issued)

Installments (you'll be paying a certain amount of money using your card)

Once you've decided on which type of payments that you would like to choose, key in your card details and everything. Once done, you'll be sent to a verification page.

After keying your verification codes- your done!!


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