Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Arsenal Vs Malaysia [The Aftermath]

Me and my group of friends left home as early as 4pm and reached Bukit Jalil stadium at 4.30p.m. and to my astonishment, there's a lot of people are already here, waiting to enter the stadium.

People started to queue up infront of the stadium at 5p.m..and we got in, exactly at 6p.m. My seatings were at the yellow gate and honestly guys, I didn't enjoy my time that much when I was watching the match live.

Arsenal was very good, there's no doubt about it- during the first half they deployed most of their 2nd team team and Malaysia was totally awful and wasteful on possession. Theo Walcott's goal was perfectly executed and there was even spectators sleeping since the game was totally one sided. (Malaysia merely attacked the Arsenal defence).

When Nasri, Van Persie and Sagna came in, that was when the stadium roared and cheered gleefully. Sad to see that Malaysia couldn't break their duck against Arsenal, otherwise it would be a good match, overall.

Arsenal   4
Malaysia 0

Bring on Liverpool!!!


Anonymous said...

love ur write-up...can we have more pics of the match plssssssss....some of us did not get a chance to watch d match live on tv even :(

Random-Apples said...

Hey Anon! Thanks for ur comment. I'll upload as many pics as I could as I reach home by the end of this week, k? ;).

ken said...

it's okay.. still got liverpool and chelsea :D

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