Friday, June 25, 2010

Enquiries Regarding Micet

A year have passed since I was studying in KMKN, and now Im going for my degree at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) for a year. (Twinning programme by MARA with 4 universities in UK). Waiting for the offer letter is an agony, because registration starts by next 2 weeks! =(

"We're coming!"

To cure some woe's, i've asked few questions regarding Micet from some of our seniors from KMKN and I know you guys are dying to know the answers for these questions too.

Okay, here goes.

Q: How much money will be given to us at Micet? (Monthly Elaun)
A: RM595.00 a month.

Q: Iprom? MFI?
A: Approximately RM700 a month.

Q: When will we know which universities in UK will we enrolled too?
A: On the first day of your registration, you will receive a letter from MARA and UniKL. (There are some debates saying that MARA choses the university randomly rather than based on our CGPA's.)

Q: The attires, bebas?
A: Yup. Bebas. Jeans, round necks and v-necks. Sandals, slippers, shoes.

Q: Iprom, MFI?
A: A lil bit strict. Collar t-shirts.

Q: Wifi? Is it available at Micet?
A: Its available everywhere. Even in our rooms. Wifi baek punya.

Q: The food?
A: Reasonable though, you can bring your own rice cooker, or any other electrical appliances. But subject to charges. (For example, RM20 for a rice cooker)

Q: The subjects learnt for ChemEng?
A: IELTS, Calculus, Physics, Material Balance, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biology.

Q: WTF?! Biology?
A: Yup. All about DNA's and Enzymes.

Q: Rooms? Comfy? 
A: 4 persons in a room. Washing machine is provided, for RM2 per wash.

Well, those are 10 popular question's that you'll want to know regarding Micet, any other question's that you'd like to know, please leave a comment or an email, and i'll try to ask our seniors.

Anyways, in our first year degree, we are required to score 70%(B+ and above) in all subjects in order for us to qualify in studying at the 4 UK universities listed.

Hope this helps. =)

P:S//Any seniors who happens to drop by reading this, please leave a comment if you have anything in particular that we should know about Micet/Iprom or MFI. Thanks to Alma/Annie/Mahmudah/Rifqi for all the answers. :D


aisyaLALALA said...

they don't actually give us rm595.50. minus the 50 cents.

RanDomApple$ said...

Noted. Thanks aisya! :D

Khairunnisa' said...

Did they tell you which part of UK yang join sekali twining ni?

zeaff said...

different story for mfi n iprom though..

RanDomApple$ said...

Nisa, die bagitau 3 england (sheffield, cardiff n brunel) n satu 1 ireland (queens). Che, korang punye strict sikit kot kalo tak salah ak.

isa said...

waa...caya lah...
ak dpt micet ooo...
ni yg semangat ni...

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