Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Watched Prince Of Persia Again, But For 90cents?!

"Hey, the movie ticket is so cheap, its like, 90cents!"

Said one traveller, who was watching Prince of Persia at Star Cineplex, Kuching.

"Yeah, I know, if we're gonna watch it at UK, that would cost us 10pounds!!" her friend, replied.

Alright, after hearing those two travelers talking, I instantly do the math and thought that why watching movies at UK are so damn expensive, like, RM50 per ticket?!

OMG. 90cents for a movie ticket..thats cheap..i could watch that movie 12 times if i got 10pounds in my pocket-if I was born in the UK.

"No wonder there's alot of tourist from the UK!"

Was watching Prince of Persia again, now with my uncle. Felt a lil'bit different while watching. Like i know what to expect in the movie.

"Gemma Arteton looks hot in this movie, wouldnt mind watching twice! XD"

But something happened before the movie, some ignorant people are just too naive for themselves; two of them, to be exact.

So these two buffoons, sat at my and my uncle's seat. So my uncle said that the two of them were sitting at our seat. The man started to look annoyed and said;

"Mana ada, ini seat C-15 and C-16 loh, lu cari tempat sendiri la. Tengok sendiri kat number seat ni mah, C-15"

So the man pointed at his seat..and I saw that seat clearly shows C-13. My seat.

I think he's blind. =)


ravishingpeacock said...

absolutely buffoons...

suhaisweet said...

Nice n3..visit mine if free k. ;D My top entry is here So Funny

chybee said...

he's definitely blind! =)

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