Monday, June 28, 2010

Fond Memories

Although its only a year, I had a lot of fond memories with my mates during my time at college and today, I would like to share one particular story, that happened to cross into my mind, not while ago.

I still remember one night, somebody brought a cake into the guys dorm. Somebody was yelling,


Huh? Cakes? Where did they get that? Nobody sells cake here at our college. Nasi Lemak ada lah.

So I kinda peeked outside and asked,

"Where did you guys got the cake?"

"From someone's birthday" yelled somebody.

I scratched my head and wonder who's birthday is it today? I wonder who's kind enough to give us cake and to let us know that today is his birthday?

(Birthday is a taboo in our batch. Get prepared to be thrown with a bucket filled with a one month old iced milo)

I went outside and asked where's the cake.


Oh. Faris's room.

I ran quickly, and to my suprise, everybody was there. EVERYBODY. I asked again, who's birthday was today?

"Farah" a group of people yelled.

Oh. Its a she.

I jumped at Faris's bed and the cake was laid on the floor. Everybody was eager to get a piece of the cake. But before digging it in, Faris said,

"Sebelum makan..jom baca doa dulu.."

Everybody had their hands held high and gave serious faces,


Suddenly, the lights was off, and was turned on again 3 seconds after.


How the hell did the cake finished after 3 seconds?
That, remained a mystery to us, but im sure everybody had a piece of the cake.

(When the lights was switched off, I grabbed hold some of the cake and ate it. I guess everyone did the same as well. Lol.)

The same thing happened during our teacher's birthday, Cikgu Hafizi.

"This is our chemistry teacher, Mr. Hafizi with his kids."

It was his birthday that day, so we surprised him and bought him a cake.

"Everyone was singing happy birthday"

Everybody joined in the fun, joys and laughter. I know everyone is eyeing for the cake. =p.

"Mr. Hafizi is going to taste the cake first"

But before all us get a piece of the cake we had to recite our prayers first.

"This was the initial look of the cake"

And 5 seconds later after reciting our prayers to eat the cake..


1 second later....





suhaisweet said...

Nice...i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

kenwooi said...

i want cake too! =P

Khairunnisa' said...

I miss getting birthday cakes :( Nak satu!

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