Friday, June 18, 2010

I Really Miss KMKN's Dewan Selera

Imagine this.

Breakfast is served with a bowl of Nestle Coco-crunch/Honey Stars/Cornflakes with a generous amount of Dutch Lady's low fat milk.

And then, 2hours later, you are now served with roti canai with curry and milk tea for your drink.

Lunch is given with briyani rice, fried chicken topped up with delicious tomato and chili sauce with some pickle's and onions for the side's. Ahh..not forgetting some icecreams too.

Hungry, yet?

Dinner was awesome, KFC fried chicken. OMG. Tastes so good you're craving for more.
Supper, fried mamak mee with a refreshing orange syrup drink.

Ohhhh..the agony.

Those are one of the examples of food that I was given when I was still in college.
It's yummy, healthy and FREE.

I really really miss those foods. The only food that im eating at home is ikan goreng with sambal kicap with rice and a lil bit of greens.


How I really wish I could go to KMKN and enjoy the food, once again.
Seriously, my mouth waters everytime i think about the food at my college.

Damn, the food is nice!

Plus, if you don't like the food served, you can complain! There's a form, so called "Borang Penyelidikan Makanan" where you can fill it and lodge any report about the food.

Anyhow, who's gonna complain if you're given KFC?

It feels so sad to stay at home at the moment, with no foods, nothing to do activities and nothing to brag about.

Sigh, i miss my college.

The food, especially.


princeduyong said...

banyak lagi pilihan makanan kat atas muka bumi ni kan...

schafi said...

betul!!!!!!!!!im suffering the same agony here!

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