Monday, June 7, 2010

Picnic At Damai Beach

Kuchingites, most probably you'll know Damai. Well, to my friends from abroad, let me tell you that Damai is one of the many places that you guys should visit here in Kuching.

Similar to Batu Ferringi, Damai is a beach, located 30km far from Kuching. Nothing compared to Batu Ferringi, Damai is our own set of sandy beaches and a place for us to hang out and enjoy some fresh air.

"Nothing much. Thanks to the polariser! Love that bluish skies XD"

Now, I was quite shocked that nowadays, if you want to go to the beach, you have to pay RM3. RM3 is not much for some people but RM3 is an hour working at that freaking kopitiam-goddmanit. Since when you have to pay to go to the beach? You think that beach lu bapak punya ka?

The last time i went there was last year..which was, FREE?

A downside for the travelers though, RM3 for visiting a beach? No thanks.

But, since we had all planned, I payed that RM3 and went straight to the beach and snapped some photo's. (We had pizza's, sushi's and some soda's for picnic. Extraordinary stuff. Fills my belly good. *Yummy*)

"Sushi's. Wasabi eater Fariz didnt met his eating requirements that day"

I would say Damai is an interesting place to shoot pictures, sunsets and seas, you get them all. For photags, I encourage you guys bring your polariser and tripod and trust me you'll bring back a couple of brilliant shots.

"The sea wasn't the way that I expected to be..surut"

"Where the hell did this log came from?"

"Rocks, everywhere..boring"

My friends and I enjoyed ourselves the whole picnic and it was really nice to talk with them like we used to last time. Brings back memories.

"Me with my friends"

"That's Aizat, smirking. Lol"

"More Aizat. XD"

"I declare the person who threw this trash on this beach is an a**h*le"

The sunsets are a joy to watch and snap. It makes my day. :D

"Panoramic Shots. Love Blue."


Here, you could do alot of activities though, such as swimming in the beach or in the pool, (is that why we have to pay RM3 bucks, now?) and you could do some kayaking as well, but thats for in-door guess only since there's a hotel located not far from the beach.

There's a volleyball and football nets too, so you guys can play some sports with your family and friends.

So whaddaya say, is RM3 worth it? With swimming pool, beaches, shades, volleyballs and panorama's, i would say it was totally worth it. But hey, im stingy and RM3 is alot since I went here for free last time.

"RM3 would cost me one kolo mee!"

Hey, if you guys do visit Kuching, do drop by at Damai, kays? RM3 wont do your pocket much, but it is certainly worth it. XD


` Yi Han said...

I like the pictures (:

kenwooi said...

really nice pics =)

Anonymous said...

damn,too many hot chicks,i like :D

ravishingpeacock said...

its beautiful but need to pay rm3?ridiculous

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