Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarawakian Laksa

For those of you who didn't know what Sarawakian Laksa is, let me show you one.

Sarawak Laksa is a different type of laksa compared to Laksa Penang, Laksa Johor, Laksa Singapore or whatever Laksa is there in this world. (Sarawak people are very proud for their laksa..lol).

Take for example, Laksa Penang, the broth is made from fish and the noodle used for the laksa is quite big compared to Sarawak Laksa.

I've eaten some at Kedah, KMKN and Penang. Doesn't really taste that good. It has fishy taste.

"It looks nice to eat..but im not a fan of Laksa Penang"

Sarawak Laksa is different. The broth is made of santan a.k.a coconut milk marinated with some prawn paste and blended chili's and their noodle is a thin type of noodle. (I dont know the exact name for that type of noodle).

And today, Im going to show you reader's how Sarawak Laksa looks. :D

"Sarawak Laksa before getting opened"

"Sarawak Laksa on a bowl"

"The broth from Sarawak Laksa..simply delicious! My mouth waters everytime i see this picture! Wooo!"

"Sarawak Laksa noodle"

Damn Sarawak Laksa is nice..for those of you who are coming to Sarawak, you guys should try this stuff. Its yummy. My mom used to buy Sarawak Laksa when I was still in school..and in 5 minutes I could finish everything off.

Kuchingites who are yearning to eat the best Sarawak Laksa in town, you guys should try Ceria Cafe. The cafe is situated opposite of Choice Food at Satok. The cafe opens on weekdays during the morning hours till the afternoons. Doesn't really cost that much for a bowl of Sarawak Laksa. RM3.50 each.

Different people have different tastes, for me, Sarawak Laksa is really the king of laksa. Disagree?

Try out Sarawak Laksa yourself! :p


kenwooi said...

so tempting! =)

Lindy said...

Sarawak laksa is the BEST!! :D

Anonymous said...

alahai zel.
ku ptot bwk kaw mkn laksa superb penang.huhu

Anonymous said...

oh yes! Sarawak Laksa is the BEST!.. lol.. I like mine from 'Goodtaste' situated in sekama.. :D RM4 per bowl..

mojo said...

swak laksa is d best! should try madam tang's at petanak. yummy :)

Anonymous said...

thumbs up for sarawak laksa! mom's laksa is at its best when it comes to the best tasting laksa in town!

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