Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lens Dilemma

So i've scored in the 2nd semester exams. Parents were happy. I was happy, too. Surely i would be securing my place in the university, and hopefully the university of my choice in UK, would be offering a place for me to study there.

Sheffield, I'm coming at you. :).

To congratulate for my efforts, my parents asked me that if I need anything, and the first thing that comes to my mind was,


I've owned myself a 50mm prime and a versatile zoom lens, but i do think that i really need a wide this time.

How wide do I need?

"A 35mm, maybe?"


"The super-built 24mm????"

Two of these lenses aren't cheap. Costing more than a thousand each, its a burn surely for my parents pocket.

In the end I've decided to try selling my old versatile zoom which has served me for 2 years now in a way that could reduce my parents pocket "burn".

Anyone who's interested could find the selling thread here,

Here, I want to say many thanks to all of my friends and teachers who have helped me achieving in good results while I was studying in KMKN, and not forgetting my parents too for their constant support.

I wish you guys well and pray for good health and results! =D.


Ahmad Ab Hamid said...

24 on a DX body is equivalent to 36mm on FX, That's not wide enough for landscape but OK for street. If you are in KL, I would lend you my 24mm for you to try it out

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