Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Pain. =(

I bet there's a lot of my friends who's been checking on the UPU's site right now.
To those of you who were able to obtain the Universities that you guys wish for, I wish you guys all the best and good luck. Study hard. the other's who were not so lucky..don't give up, your journey doesn't ends here.
A failure doesn't mean that you'll going to fail forever, but take failure in a positive way of manner.

Take failure as a motivator, to push you back forward and be someone that you truly wish that you want to be.

Don't fret. Let the tear's trickle down now and hope for a new glimpse of light shines in our life.

I've been there. Failure, is the best catalyst for success. =).


jfook said...

Yes agree with you!

Amanina said...

kegagalan adalah cikgu yang efektif utk mendapat kejayaan yang sebenar.

ravishingpeacock said...

couldn't agree more ;)

marina saifuddin said...

aku dpt UMT..
aku nk UPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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