Thursday, June 3, 2010

Working Experience: Malaysian Customers Are Rude, MOST OF THEM.

Hell knows how tiring it is to work as a kopitiam, especially when u have two lazy workers who gives u shit all the time. Seriously, now i truly know the meaning of..


"I love my RM1. Love it so much beybeh!"

Working as a staff at one of the most recognized kopitiam here in Sarawak, sometimes it gives me pride wearing the apron and hat that they gave me for work..but, the truth unfolds that behind the apron and the hat, that working here is a no brainer.

For instance, as a staff, you could be a waiter/toaster/bartender or even a kitchen helper.
I did everything tho, except for the toasting thingy, i did not know how to toast.

The problem is, at my place, there's no teamwork in working and most of the workers rely on me to give the shit. The customers looked at me as if they blamed me for the slow service.

Imagine 20 tables with only 1 staff working, two other staffs enjoying themselves watching porno on their handsets, who's not angry by that?

"Aint worth it for the stress it gave me!"

Well, there's this one particular moment, when i accidentally gave a bill to a table twice, then the customer blatantly shouted at me saying,

"Brapa kali nak bayar, bodoh?"

I was quite shocked, but i gave my mouth shut. I was totally angry and cursed him;

"Fuck you. It is hard for you saying that "sorry..sudah bayar" *smiles* rather than saying bodoh?"

In my mind..ofcourse.

Im not bodoh okay, you are bodoh saying that.

Ofcourse..some customers expect you to have 4 eyes instead of 2. Some customers like to sit inside..while others outside. I dont mind that, but sitting outside when the customers are too much to handle and yelling.."Oi mana menu sini, tak nampak ka ada customer? Hish"

FFS, cant you see that im busy working and could you please help yourself by getting a menu inside instead? Im not a hotel waiter okay to give you everything that you want. You have a pair of legs, use it and take the freaking menu goddamnit! If you want 5 star service, go to a hotel instead of a kopitiam.

"Ini kopitiam la, not HILTON"

Sigh, expectations are too high. I would say that the Mat Salleh's are nice people when they deal with the workers. Some of them have a lil' chit-chat with me and there's one time when I accidentally spilled their drinks on the table, they said that it was okay, no harm done and I've made a new drink for him and he smiled and WTF he said,

"Thank You".

Now that's is what I call a customer!

Please people, dont forget to say "THANK YOU" and *smile*. =)


ohmywtf said...

well...being in service line myself...i can totally feel ur pain...oh well...wat to do?? :-(

GurLz said...

huhu bazil...kita senasib..i agree wt u that most malaysian customer are rude. adaka ptt bok dtg ddk alu nak tggi sora anok kita x lap meja??WTF!! sp soh ddk kt meja ya pdhl ada gik meja yg dh di lap. dont they see we are still working on with other customer? huhhh byk gik dgeram mek tok.

Anonymous said...

haha,cibainye customer yg ckp bodo tu..

RanDomApple$ said...

Alma! I understand what you mean..hehe..sometimes some people just dont appreciate the workers!. ohmywtf, thanks for understanding..lololol. Anonymous..aku sokong ko..hahah

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