Thursday, April 15, 2010

Retards, just get out of here!

So the matriculation students went home. Free at last. We, the foundation students are still stuck at KMKN, and the last day when the matriculation students "merdeka", was a day to be remembered.

"So long friends, we'll be missing you guys, thanks for everything!"

On the last day for the matriculation students, apparently some retards stole some of our friends belongings.

WTF is that guys? Kawan makan kawan?

Friends are people who will always help you, stand by your side and be with you no matter where you are.

And these retards are just stupid enough to think that they wanted to steal some of our precious things.

On the last day itself, 6 phones were lost, 1 laptop is stolen and 1 guitar was stolen. (More items were lost, but the numbers are not that accurate).

"Friends last forever, but items, dont"

This type of attitude is not matured, seriously.
Be professional, guys!

Kalau nak blah, blah laaaaa!


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