Monday, April 12, 2010

7 Things You Should Know About Our Guys Dorm

Okay..4more days left before we leave our beloved guys dorm to the girls area . Since the first day we step foot on this dorm, we had endless new experiences and countless laughters.

So, to mark a special day this upcoming Thursday, we present to you,


1.Function of toilet=shit +birthday bash = good?

"The guys are preparing for Azfar's birthday"

2. Cybercafe at room F314.

"This room provides free laptops for gaming! :D"

3. Wifi Spot at Bilik Amjad.

"That phone in the picture serves as our wifi modem! :D"

4. Arcade section at Bilik TV

"At bilik tv, we usually play PS2 games."

5. F323 is Faris's Room. (A place where you would get raped & the only place without laptop)


6. Bilik Kebal is a room where the temperature exceeds 35'C.

"Although its the hottest room, but its also the safest!"

7. Room 315 is Juaseh's room.

"The most handsome person, Juaseh is the one who's using black without kopiah. :D"

P:S// There's a rumor saying that in level 3 in the guys dorm is haunted. Banyak orang kene tindih mase tido.


For the girls, here's what you're going to enjoy this Thursday! :p

"Bilik mandi"


"The overall view of the guys dorm"

And ofcourse..not forgetting,



kenwooi said...

haha.. reminds me of the days back in my uni hostel.. we do all sorts of crazy stuff there =P

Faris said...

besday azfar x jd simbah..
lahanat mna g tuang ramuan tue..
f f f f f f f f f f f!!!!!!!!!!!

syleuphoria said...

I do think uni life is much more crazier than college life, Ken..haha. Faris, sape yang buang bende kite tuuuu..!

marina saifuddin said...

heheh...lawak muke faris...
tp aku xsempat da nk msuk insaniah..aku da nk bla da sok..pye2 all unikl//

nursarah said...

cool huh? the last pic. sangat takleh blah. ekeke

Faris said...

bazil~ damn who threw those ingredients. azfar kot...arghh!!!!
marinah~x lawak la...---cute---hhahaha...

syleuphoria said...

Marina..sebelum blah..masoklah blok insaniah! hehe..nursarah..welcome to random-apples! hope u liked our blog! :p. Tu gambar jamban kolej kite..dorm laki..haha. Faris...ak rase mmg aspa dowh yang buang...aaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

cyalan sgoh azpa...
membazir kicap ak!!

Faris said...

terbaek ahh..

zeaff said...

slenger gler... isk3.,... naseb baek x der gambar aku.. isk3.. Insaniah mmg berhantu.. seyes.. terutamanya bilik aku.. dan insaniah bnyk charlie n ulat!!

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