Saturday, April 10, 2010

The End Of Our Journey

Today woke up abit late, quite tired after screaming and yelling at The Carnivall. The last day at Sungai Petani was ended with some window shopping at the Sungai Petani Mall.

Bought myself some dentures.

"Bai bai Sungai Petani"

My weekend at Sungai Petani was a blast. Thanks to Faris for inviting me to visit his hometown. =p.

We also received RM30 from Ko-Op. What a surprise.

All of the boys are cleaning their rooms. We are going stay to the girls dorm next week.

"Bilik kene bersih, kalo tak, kene hambat"

Now..what should we do before leaving our beloved guys dorm?


Faris said...

i'l splash something on my bed first.hha

Anonymous said...


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