Monday, April 26, 2010

Have you chosen your university?

Our exam is coming up in just two weeks ahead.
To spark the burning desire to score A's in our final semester exam, Random-Apples would like to share about the 3 UK universities that we're going to,

Queens University Belfast.

Queens University is located in Belfast, northern Ireland. Often referred as Queen's, this university is ranked 32nd in Times Good University Guide. It is also one of the coldest city out of the 3 universities offered from our course. Be prepared for some ice-shock! :D
"The main entrance of the university"

So, if wanna you go to Queen's, what are your expectations?

Brunel University
Located in West London, Brunel University is one of the leading universities in UK. The university is located around Fulham, where some of our football fans could walk to the Craven Cottage stadium and watch EPL matches.
"The life in Brunel looks exciting. Its london, baby!"

So, since Brunel is in West London, you guys could travel to the city of central London, where you guys could watch Chelsea or Arsenal live in the epl! :D.
"Us, in the near future"

And last but not least,

University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield is one of most sought after universities in the UK. Excelling in their research and engineering field courses, University of Sheffield provides all the essentials and tools needed to become a 1st class degree holder. This university is also ranked in the top 20 universities in the UK and europe.

"Could this be enough to melt your brains off?"

The University of Sheffield is also known in having a good relationship with Malaysia. So expect alot of Malaysians there. :D.

Besides that, Sheffield is also has the best nightlife apart from these 3 universities!
"Kalau Cikgu Hanapi tau, memang kene hambat kite sume nih"

There's one thing that's missing from all these universities, can you guys guess what it is?

Good Luck With Your Finals! :D


zeaff said...

mmg slenge yg last skali.. hahaha

kenwooi said...

all the best.. and studying in UK is fun! not that i've studied there before though =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

All high profile universities.. ^^
All the best for Finals!

kumfye said...

i am going UK this coming september...but not the one you mentioned above...i am heading to university of kent

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