Friday, April 23, 2010

A Tour To My Room. :)

It has been 3 weeks (I guess) since the guys moved to the girls dorm.

I kinda miss my bilik kebal..='(.

"Miss this place. Especially the toilet."

So, today, Random-Apples will present you readers a tour inside a guys room. :D.

"The entrance of the new guys dorm. It sucks."
"The pathway. Notice that there were alot of shoes scattering everywhere. We dont have any shoe lockers anymore! :'( "
"The bed and table is okay, but i prefer the old table in the old guys dorm, where we have a drawer and a whiteboard."
"Same old locker"
"No drawers=messy table"
"Creative thinking by my roommate. =.="

And last but not least,
"Mini work-station"

Overall, the new guys room sucks.
  • Its freaking small.
  • The table is uncool.
  • No shoe lockers.

Ah..well, beggars cant be choosers though,
At least we wont be seeing any charlie bugs.
"So girls, bewareeee!"


Fatin Fatihah said...

ugh.. you make me nervous.. the pic above from girl's room rite.. huuu.. i think i can manage that.. LOL

bellar0ssa said...

erk.bilik lelaki memang begini ye? lol.

hm lelaki dan game memang tak dapat dipisahkan.just like women with shopping. =D

bumblebee said...

game are mens heart...

Mish yaya totally insane! said...

satu blik brape ratos org???

ila syamilla said...

oh! aku rindu kmkn!

marina saifuddin said...

nasib badan la wei..heheheh...tu blok krg..blok iltizam besar kot

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