Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graduation Day

Tomorrow is our graduation day.

*claps and jumps like a monkey*.

Okay, nothing interesting, but just for your information, there would be two courses will graduate tomorrow, namely

Foundation in Science and Technology United Kingdom & Foundation in Science and Technology Royal Medical College Perak.
"Finally!!!!!! The moment that we're waiting for has come! :D"

In short,

Fist UK and Fist RCMP.

Again, nothing interesting.

Tomorrow, the Head Director of MARA is coming,

Nothing interesting again, sigh.
"No britney spears kah?"

But, the most interesting tomorrow is that,


"Atleast i could sleep a lil bit late, perhaps? =.= Guitar hero, anyone?"


kenwooi said...

haha.. enjoy the holidays! so since you're done with foundation, this means you're gonna do your degree soon right? =)

syleuphoria said...

Ken! Although our graduation is tomorrow..but our holidays start on the middle of May! :'(. Degree is on July i think..wuuu..just cant wait for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

dr afiza is hot,i wish i could touch her

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