Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogging could improve your english.

A friend of mine asked yesterday, how could i improve my english?

Tomorrow, we would be having our ielts exam. Its tough. Not an ordinary english paper.
He was worried and i told him, have you written a blog before?

He answered no.

"Could blogging improve your english?"

Blogging could increase your English writing. But blogging in english without proper grammar doesn't counts. Some people have their flaws in writing. Instead of writing, try reading other people's blog as well. It helps, too!

Dont you agree?
(Rojak blog doesnt counts too!)

Other than blogging, what other tips that I recommend, he asked.

So i told him,

Listen to music.

"Listen to music while understanding the lyrics"

Listening to music could improve your english listening and speaking skills. As you hear, you know how the words are spoken in english.

Unless its metallica.

"Listen to slow and alternative music, their lyrics are easy to hear and understand"

The final question my friend asked was, "what about reading then? Im lazy to read"

Well, my humble opinion says that, JUST READ.

Novels like twilight, confessions of a shopaholic, masters of temptation, etc..etc..could improve your reading skills significantly.


"If your reading playboy"


kenwooi said...

i think my english word-selection and proficiency have improved thanks to the blog =)

syleuphoria said...

Ken, just cant live without blogging!

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